10volt Patlhoff was a young man with potentials but he lacked practical knowledge. His parents were well off and they helped him out by sending him to the best schools in the country as well as giving him money for his personal needs. But it seemed like all this education work that he had done is not paying off. He never got any good grades in school, despite being one of the smartest students there.

One day, he was sitting on the bus and reading a book. He took a picture of it with his phone, and posted it to Facebook with a caption that said: “read for fun”. His friends responded by saying they were proud of him but Patlhoff did not know how to respond because what he read is not considered as reading for fun anymore.

He has no idea about anything in life, so he decided to look up stuff online while waiting at the bus stop one day. When someone asked him if he knows why people like black clothes better than other colors, Patlhoff confidently answered without even looking at them or thinking first. He always had an answer ready for any question thrown at him from all his years in school when he never really paid a lot of attention.

He is the type of person who has so many skills and potentials but does not know how to use them, or even if they are worth it at this point in life. Patlhoff’s friends told him that he should learn from his mistakes because there are some things you can’t take back once you do them. On top of all these challenges for an individual with no practical knowledge about anything, Patlhoff also realizes that he might be too old to keep up with the rest (in terms of technology).

I am writing about my friend Patlhoff today because I feel like people need more stories like his when we live in such hard times where kids have their whole lives planned out for them by the time they reach high school.

A lot of people think that there’s no way for them to make an impact on society unless they have a degree (and sometimes not even if you do). However, we should encourage the younger generations about their abilities instead of telling them how difficult life will be due to all these reasons that may or may not happen. Even though Patlhoff does not know what tomorrow brings when it comes to technology, he still keeps up with everything else just by reading blogs and watching documentaries at home.